Friday, April 7, 2017

Ministering for Christ

What does it means to minister for Christ’s sake?  Paul gives a really good description in  II Corinthians 6:3-10.  I took Paul's words and broke them down into a "check list" to help me visualize his words better.

1. Do not take offence or be easily offended.
2. Be patient in all things – even the hard things (in afflictions, when you are in need, in distress, being persecuted, beaten, wounded, put in prison, feeling confused, when you are working hard and feel tired & weary, not sleeping and/or fasting – be patient!)
3. Be pure, chaste and upright.
4. Be knowledgeable and have understanding.
5. Have endurance to go the long haul.
6. By the power of the Holy Spirit LOVE without hypocrisy – be sincere.
7. Lead by the POWER OF GOD and His Word of Truth.
8. Arm yourself with God’s righteousness.
9. You will face both honor and dishonor as well as both good and bad reports – endure, keep on keeping on.
10. You will be both known and unknown. It is okay!
11. There will be times of chastening – a time to learn and be taught or corrected and admonished. LISTEN. It will not kill you (even if it feels like it might).
12. There will be times of sorrow, but also many of rejoicing.
13. You will be or feel poor and yet you will enrich the lives of so many others.
14. You may feel like you possess nothing, and yet (because of WHOSE you are) you possess ALL THINGS!

This is how Paul describes what it is like to minister for Christ’s sake. This is a good foundation for any and all who pursue the ministry of Christ.  I think these things are good to reflect on from time to time in order to stay focused on what God has called us to do for Him. 



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